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ingreedies and the forest feast for kids

Two brilliant cookbooks for the young aspiring chef and their families.

The Ingreedies take you on a unique trip around the world, one dish at a time, combining gastronomy and storytelling.  The book features illustrated maps, curiosities, adventures, culinary points of interest from each continent and thirteen recipes that families can cook together, like British cheesy chivy pie, Moroccan chicken stew, French pear tarte tatin and American haddock chowder.  A team of ingredient hunters (the Ingreedies) teaches kids about the culture, history, geography and science surrounding the food we eat, like how Swedes preserve their food, what kinds of plants are edible in the Amazonian rainforest and how Australians cast their line to catch their dinner.

The Forest Feast for Kids is a gorgeous and thoughtful approach to fruit and vegetable-centric recipes for children.  Beautiful and rustic food, photography, hand lettering, watercolors and illustrations by Erin Gleeson.

Around the World with the Ingreedies: A Taste Adventure was written and illustrated by Zoë Bather, Joe Sharpe and Chris Dickason, and published by Laurence KingThe Forest Feast for Kids was written by Erin Gleeson and published by Abrams Books.

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