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wheels on the bus

One of Avery's favorite books is this brilliant Wheels on the Bus book, illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky.  "Wheels on the Bus" is Avery's favorite song in the whole world!  So, really what could be better than a storybook version of the song?  With moveable parts and pop-ups too, which she loves!

"The wipers on the bus go swish swish swish," Avery's favorite part!

Avery loves turning the wheels.

"The people on the bus go bumpety bump!"

"All overrrrrrrrrr town!"



bambu for kids

If you're looking for an alternative to plastic utensils and tableware for your kids, try Bambu.  The Bambu KIDS collection is made with certified organic bamboo with absolutely no bleaches or dyes.  Avery seems to like the length and size of her Bambu utensils.  And we don't know if it's just our imagination, but food seems to stick a little better to her Bambu spoon and fork, which is important in her current stage of learning to feed herself.   She manages to get quite a bit in her mouth now, but not without spillage!  Thank goodness we have the wonderful Mimi the Sardine messy baby bib there to catch Avery's strawberry mess!

You can read about Bambu's philosophy on renewable materials and more, here.


etsy toys

AsherJasper sells some of the cutest handmade baby toys on's list of Best Kids' Toys found on Etsy.  Vicky Hanrahan of AsherJasper makes these perfectly plump and round needle-felted wooly ball toys and much more.  What amazing craftsmanship!  There are no words to describe how adorable these are!

Image: AsherJasper


japanese plums

Avery enjoying a snack of Japanese plums from the farmer's market.


cupcakes in a jar

Cupcakes in a jar are fantastic for wedding/party favors or birthday gifts shipped across the country!  Learn how to at Martha Stewart or Beantown Baker

Image: Martha Stewart