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nothing but fun in noisy village

It’s Thursday and time for another edition of #classicchapterbooks with but Fun in Noisy Village is Astrid Lindgren’s third book in her Children of Noisy Village series.  It was originally published in 1952 but this edition was published last month.  Set in the bucolic Swedish countryside, this collection of stories follows the goings-on, mischief and adventures of Lisa, her two brothers and their friends who live on three farms in a row dubbed “Noisy Village” by their neighbors.  Whether they’re celebrating midsummer, exploring the caves across the lake or sleeping in the forest under the big night sky during a crayfishing trip, one thing is for sure—the children of Noisy Village are resourceful, resilient, imaginative and will have fun wherever they are.  They are brilliant at being kids.  A read-aloud of Nothing But Fun in Noisy Village would make a great close to your summer.


the princess in black

The latest installment of The Princess in Black, a series my daughter’s been loving.  "Oh my gosh.  This one is so good!"  (Avery, before starting to read it for the second time.)


the year of the dog

My eight-year-old self would have loved to read this.  There was a scarcity of Asian American lit when I was growing up.  Thank you, Grace Lin, for writing The Year of the Dog.


mango and bambang tapir all at sea

We're setting off on an adventure in this month's #littlelitbookseries.

Mango Allsorts and her tapir pal are back in Tapir All at Sea with a new collection of stories.  There’s the time Bambang decides to take up dancing as a new hobby, when gets erroneously apprehended as a diamond thief, when he is captured and put on display “in the window of Cynthia Prickle-Posset’s museum, trapped between a selection of mummified cats and a tank of electric eels,” and the time an offer arrives for him to join an ocean liner’s dance troupe as a flamenco dancer traveling the world.  This sweet and clever series is a delight and we’re looking forward to the third installment due out on September 1, Tiny Tapir Trouble.

If it’s adventure you seek, you’ve come to the right place.  Find your way over to #littlelitbookseries on Instagram for some adventurous picks.


the hundred dresses

“Tell us how many dresses did you say you had hanging up in your closet?”

Oh that we would befriend and take care of the Wanda Petronskis in our classrooms.  The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes and Louis Slobdokin teaches kindness, compassion and grace.  We get a picture of determination, grit and humility from Wanda and her faded blue dress.

We’re starting a new series with and are hoping that others will join in.  Each Thursday we’ll be posting #classicchapterbooks.  Why read older books?  They are rich sources of rare words, antiquated phrasing and lexicons of older, bygone words that have dropped out of quotidian use.  All these types of words contribute to a well-rounded vocabulary for our children, and will help them in more ways than we know as they get older and as they have to wade through more complex texts in high school, college and beyond.

Many vintage books provide historical background and a strong sense of time and place.  As stories unfold, we see prevailing views, social rules, cultural norms, the values and sensibilities of particular eras.  We learn so much from classic books and they fuel meaningful conversations with our children.

We’d love to see what other vintage chapter books or novels everyone has in their library.  Share yours with the hashtag #classicchapterbooks on Instagram.

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