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little wolf's first howling

It’s Little Wolf’s first howling lesson and he’s beside himself in anticipation.  Big Wolf, his father, begins to school him in the “traditional howling form,” the way it’s always been done.  While his son’s first howling is indeed eager and wholehearted, it’s a bit unconventional, and he expresses disapproval until he comes to an important realization.  A sweet story about individuality, creativity and spirit.  Serenely beautiful and eloquent depictions of twilight and the nocturnal forest.

Little Wolf’s First Howling was written by Laura McGee Kvasnosky, and collaboratively illustrated by Laura McGee Kvasnosky and Kate Harvey McGee.  Published by Candlewick Press.


places to be

"We have so many places to be!

Places to be loud

and lovely

and scared

and jubilant."

A tribute to good friends and the countless experiences we have with them.  Sweet, sincere, funny and reassuring, Places to Be also reminds children that no matter where they are, what they're feeling and what they encounter, the world is made for them to embrace and explore.  And having a trustworthy friend with you while you're out there is always a good idea.

Places to Be was written by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Renata Liwska and published by Balzer + Bray.


what avery's reading

A late update on #whataverysreading.  Happy first day of summer and here’s to slower days, warm nights and catching up on all those books you wanted to read during the year (that’s me).



Cynthia Rylant draws parallels between the human experience and nature in this meditation on life, its beauty and the wonder of it all.  Her soft, gentle text conveys an appreciation for the uniqueness and experiences of life, the important lessons we learn along the way, and the wisdom and values we hope to instill in our children that will carry them through their lifetime.  Breathtaking and emotionally rich illustrations by Brendan Wenzel are a perfect fit for the book's beautiful and meaningful message.

LIFE will be out on June 27 from Beach Lane Books.



On the hottest day of the year—hotter than broccoli soup and hotter than the Atacama Desert—a boy and his grandad are on the hunt for the perfect picnic spot.   Their sun-filled search becomes long and drawn-out but proves fruitful.  What ensues is an epic afternoon replete with gleaming adventure, new friends and patience rewarded.  To be immersed in Sam Usher's sweeping, picturesque watercolors and magical visual storytelling is an incredible treat—don't miss out on this one.

SUN is the third story in Sam Usher's seasonal series and was published by Templar.