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the library book

“The rain is pouring, Dad is snoring,

and the same old stuff is on TV—boring.

What is there to do today?

Go to the library, of course!”

With nothing to do on a gray, rainy Saturday morning, a little girl takes a trip to her library and encounters a magical surprise (or two) when she delves into some well known and loved children’s books.  Melodic words, undulating text and radiant illustrations bring a joy and playfulness to this celebration of reading, books and our beloved libraries that house them.  

The Library Book is based on a popular song by singer/songwriter Tom Chapin and musician/composter Michael Mark and its sheet music can be found in the book’s endpapers!  Illustrated by Chuck Groenink and published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers.  Out October 3.


i have a balloon

This is definitely not a book about sharing. ;)

Scott Magoon illustrates Ariel Bernstein's dialogue-driven story about how we tend to act with our favorite possessions, and how quickly our perspectives can shift about them.

So much of the story and its gestalt are conveyed through the pictures and the dramatic changes in scene from spread to spread.  Readers will linger over the pages to ponder Owl and Monkey's fluctuating states of emotion and intention, along with the mix of subtle sideway glances, sly humor and hilarious antics.  A home run read-aloud.

I Have a Balloon was written by Ariel Bernstein, illustrated by Scott Magoon and published by Paula Wiseman Books.  Out on September 26!


when's my birthday giveaway

When’s My Birthday? is a celebration of the one day each year that kids look forward to with eager anticipation: their birthday.  Julie Fogliano's words are lovely and exuberant and Christian Robinson's work is, as always, an absolute delight.  His work evokes the irrepressible joy of childhood: its fun, laughter and effervescence.

We’re partnering with Red Cap Cards and Macmillan Children's Books to give away an assorted set of 24 birthday cards and 2 rolls of gift wrap featuring new designs by Christian Robinson, along with a copy of the newly released book When’s My Birthday?

This giveaway is open to US residents and ends Sunday, September 24, at 11:59 PM PDT.  Head over to this Instagram post to enter.


the bad seed

A hilarious tale about a seed—a bad seed. A VERY bad seed.  One who never returns shopping carts to where they belong, is perpetually tardy to everything, and a line cutter, amongst other baaaaaad things.  But our little guy's history was not always this seedy.  We learn about his humble, simple and unremarkable upbringing on a happy sunflower bed and then what happens one fateful day when the flower droops and the petals drop.  And then the day that everything...went...dark for our tiny seed.  A hearty, animated and side-splitting read aloud for sure.  Smartly written with dynamic illustrations.

The Bad Seed was written by Jory John, illustrated by Pete Oswald and published by HarperCollins.  Click here to watch the book trailer for The Bad Seed!


the antlered ship

A decidedly inquisitive fox embarks on the quest of a lifetime in search of answers to his myriad questions.  Questions like "how deep does the sun go when it sinks into the sea?" and "why don't trees ever talk?"  He decides to set sail on a voyage to seek out other foxes who might be able to shed some light on his philosophical musings.

Marco the fox meets some traveling mates—a band of deer and a flock of pigeons—and they board their otherworldly vessel—a ship whose bow is adorned with majestic antlers.  As the journey progresses and adventures are accumulated, friendships form amongst the crew and Marco realizes he might have been asking the wrong questions all along, looking too far outward instead of right in front of him.

The Fan brothers' emotionally resonant illustrations and atmospheric landscapes immerse the reader in another world, another time and another place only conjured up in the deepest pockets of our imagination.

Special details and thoughtfulness went into producing this book as well—the dust jacket is akin to cold pressed watercolor paper—stiff, substantial, slightly rough and weighty enough to carry the immense beauty of the Fan brothers' art.  All together, picturebook-making at its finest, from all parties involved.  This story will live on past its years.  What can I say?  This book is magic.

The Antlered Ship was written by Dashka Slater and illustrated by the Fan brothers.  Published by Beach Lane Books.