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small adventures journal

If you get one book this summer, let this be it.  Small Adventures Journal, a little field guide by Keiko Brodeur, is a big invitation to soak up the outdoors and a nudge to go out and explore, or to stop and sit for awhile and breathe in the summer.

It's full of freshly illustrated pages--checklists (for things like outdoor clothing), visual references (e.g., animal tracks, types of trees), pages to make lists (e.g., outdoor foods to pack for a picnic) and more.  I think what I like best are all the pages for observation (tasks ranging from photographing textures, sketching the horizon, drawing the stars and mapping your world to identifying cloud types).  The key themes are discover and document and this book does an excellent job of calling the reader to look outside and note down what they see, hear, feel and experience.  It's a book to take with you around your neighborhood, park, new city, short or long road trip, hike in the woods--basically anywhere.  Soon enough, the summer will dwindle down to its last hot day and this book will be packed to the gills with drawn and written memories.  It'll be an invaluable record of a summer well spent, in awe of the expansive world around you.


lately lily book of fun

No matter if you’re staying home this summer or have trips planned, your girl will have fun doodling, drawing and going places with Lately Lily, the traveling girl.  I gave Lately Lily Book of Fun to Avery as part of an end-of-the-school-year gift, and she was beyond excited!  It's gotten a lot of mileage already.  Avery loves all of the different pages and is enjoying learning new words in other languages, thanks to Lily!


the skunk

The Skunk is a comical story written by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Patrick McDonnell.  What would you do if a skunk showed up on your doorstep?  And kept following you around, step by step, turn by turn?  Why, you would run away from it in a mad dash around town, right?  Barnett presents us with an interesting quandary--what are this skunk's intentions, really?

McDonnell uses a sparse color palette reminiscent of vintage picture books, then cleverly expands the palette to signify a turn of events.  Both young and old will look at each other in wonder about the intriguing ending.  A good amount of discussion will undoubtedly ensue after reading this well-crafted tale.  One question--will the sequel to this book be written from the skunk's perspective? 

Thanks to Mac Barnett for sending us a copy of The Skunk.



I'm over on This Picture Book Life today with a craft to go with Danielle's review of Feathers: Not Just For Flying. Be sure to check it out!


my neighbor is a dog

Another sensation by Isabel Minhós Martins and Madalena Matoso of Planeta Tangerina is My Neighbor is a Dog, a hilarious and zany story about a dog that moves into an apartment building (which looks almost Le Corbusier-inspired), and how his human neighbors react to his arrival.  Matoso uses a quirky color palette of red, blue, pink and white and her charming and graphic style make the illustrations feel musical and animated.  The take-home message of this book?  Don’t judge a book by its cover, even if it’s furry and has four legs. 

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