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Avery made this necklace to send to one of her cousins (with help from me).  Her mother had a great idea to start a correspondence between our girls--not letters, but artwork or crafts that they make for each other.  It kind of reminds me of the Happy Mail series on Giver's Log.  Love this idea and Avery can’t wait to see what arrives in the mail!


prep and landing play date

One of Avery's favorite Christmas cartoons is Prep & Landing so we decided to have a Prep & Landing play date earlier this year.  We had Lanny and Wayne's gear on hand--sparkle balls (yarn pom poms--some store-bought and some homemade), toy gingerbread scanners and light-up night vision goggles (bought from Hallmark).  I made coal candy (cornflake clusters dipped in dark chocolate) and everyone enjoyed Magee's Hot Chocolate Bar--rich hot chocolate made with melted chocolate chips and milk served with marshmallows, little cookies and candy cane stirrers.  I printed out pictures of some of the Prep & Landing cast from, laminated them and attached them to paper cups for the hot chocolate.

The kids put together their own gingerbread scanners using cut-out gingerbread men (the template can be found here), white pens, pom poms and glue.  My cousin brought over another version of a sparkle ball (made using an ornament) and candy cane grappling hooks.  She also brought over a beautiful treat for Avery--her name fashioned out of candy canes!  She said it was pretty easy.  Here is a reference on how to do it from Makes and Takes.

I think towards the end of the afternoon we watched...Prep and Landing.  A great end to an amazing afternoon!  Thanks to my cousin Amy for helping to make it special!


straw necklaces

If you have leftover straws from a party, you can make necklaces with them, which is also a great fine motor activity for preschoolers.  The original idea can be found at Real Simple.  All you need are a few paper or plastic straws and twine or string.  Cut up the straws into little pieces and string them onto your twine to make a necklace or bracelet.  My daughter Avery had fun choosing different colors for her necklace that ended up being a wreath for her hair.  You can also use the straw bits to practice letter formation and talk about letter names and sounds.  This post was originally published in my summer series for Mom*tog.


sailboat favors

I didn't get a chance to post these sailboat snack cups that I made last month for a church event and later, a play date.  They were inspired by this Paper Source nautical sailboat kit.  I tried to make sure that each step was photographed and visually represented, but feel free to leave a comment if there are any questions.  These cups can spruce up the nosh table at your next play date, or they can serve as favors and/or place cards at your next birthday party.  Just add a tiny flag at the top of the mast where you can write each child's name--I used the adhesive part of super sticky post-it notes to make it a snap.


thanksgiving play date

We're well past Thanksgiving, but I wanted to share this play date that we had last November.  The table set-up and craft ideas came from Fiskars.  The afternoon included turkey sandwiches (it was Thanksgiving after all) and snacks served in this play date favorite (a clever bus platter by Innobaby).  I started to use this puzzle sandwich cutter to make the sandwiches, but ended up not having enough time to cut out all the puzzle pieces, so we ended up having trianglular sandwiches instead.  Later, my cousin Amy made apple bites dipped in fleur de sel caramel along with Nutella and pumpkin pie pops.  It was a delicious and fun afternoon!

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