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thanksgiving play date

We're well past Thanksgiving, but I wanted to share this play date that we had last November.  The table set-up and craft ideas came from Fiskars.  The afternoon included turkey sandwiches (it was Thanksgiving after all) and snacks served in this play date favorite (a clever bus platter by Innobaby).  I started to use this puzzle sandwich cutter to make the sandwiches, but ended up not having enough time to cut out all the puzzle pieces, so we ended up having trianglular sandwiches instead.  Later, my cousin Amy made apple bites dipped in fleur de sel caramel along with Nutella and pumpkin pie pops.  It was a delicious and fun afternoon!


easter 2011


sneak peek: avery's easter basket


Here is the rundown of this year's basket:
Little Sapling Toys organic wooden camera: I love how there is a viewfinder to look through and how there is a lens that you can turn to "focus."  Avery is going to love her new camera!
Set of tiny pink Moleskine notebooks
Annie's Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks
Susiecakes decorated egg-shaped cookie
Crepe paper carrots and daffodil candy cup (filled with Cheerios)
Bundles of crayons in egg cups

mini easter baskets

I decided last-minute to make some mini Easter baskets for some of Avery's friends.  I took white nut and candy cups, hole-punched the sides of each cup, strung ribbon through each hole and tied a knot on each end to make a little handle.  I then snipped some green crepe paper to resemble grass (tutorial here) and pasted it around the outside of each cup.  I put carrot-shaped bags of jelly beans in each basket, along with some other treats.  To make those, I poured a little less than a tablespoon of jelly beans into the corner of a ziploc bag, tied the top with some green ric rac and trimmed the top with pinking scissors.


gift box

And for the last detail of Avery's birthday gift from my cousin Amy (featured on Monday's post): its monogrammed gift box.  Amy used IKEA reversible wrapping paper and cut out an "A" to adorn her gift box.  Simple and very cute!
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