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little lit book series: books about mail

February’s theme is mail for #littlelitbookseries.  The art of correspondence.  Concerned about her Great-Aunt Josephine being too lonely, Sadie decides to send her a "care package."  A pretty sizable one—an ELEPHANT!  She thinks her aunt "could really use the company."  Sadie encounters some obvious obstacles along the way but remains undeterred and determined.  Heartfelt, funny and completely thoughtful.

Special Delivery was written by Philip C. Stead, illustrated by Matthew Cordell and published by Roaring Brook Press.

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Sharing Christoph Niemann’s WORDS over on @littlelitbookseries—don’t miss it and the other cleverness we’re sharing for this month’s theme of words and word play.


little lit book series: the family edition

We're sharing books on the theme of family in this month's #littlelitbookseries.

“Their little red car seemed to muster all of its courage as it waited outside, ready for the road.”  Stuck in their car in a torrential downpour on a trip home, Francie and her mother talk about what they will name her baby sister when she's born.  They run through different possibilities, with none of them feeling like a good fit.  But later a significant moment comes when her mother comes up with just the right name, one that Francie will remember forever.

We love how Bob Graham sets the scene with not just what's happening with the protagonists of the story.  He expands his narrative and paints a picture of the environment and other people in it, all part of the bigger picture, just like in our lives.  There is our narrative—the moments that string together to make up the course of our lives—and how that all fits into  the world around us.  Our story becomes a part of everyone else's story.  A beautiful reminder that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves.

Home in the Rain is by Bob Graham and published by Walker Books.


little lit book series has a new home + giveaway

One of the marks of a good book is its power to instill a sense of wonder in its readers.  Wonder is the theme we’re exploring in this month’s #littlelitbookseries.  If you’re new to #littlelitbookseries, we are a group of teachers, librarians, artists and writers who share books on a certain theme every month.  We share beloved classics and fresh new works whose words and images have engaged and inspired us, and we hope they do the same for you.

Also, this month marks the one-year anniversary of #littlelitbookseries!  In celebration, we're hosting an INTERNATIONAL giveaway with three lucky winners on Instagram.  Head over to our new account on Instagram, @littlelitbookseries.


little lit book series: wonder edition

What would childhood be without wonder?  We’re sharing books that inspire wonder in this month’s #littlelitbookseries.

In When You Were Small, by Sara O’Leary and Julie Morstad, Henry's father tells nightly bedtime stories to his son about when he was small.  Literally small enough to wear a thimble for a hat and have his hair brushed with a toothbrush.  In When I Was Small, Henry wonders what his mother was like when she was younger.  “What was it like when you were small?”  She tells him about how when she was small, she slept in a mitten and played jump rope with a piece of yarn.

Poignant, otherworldly and sweet, this pair of books will enthrall sleepy-eyed readers at bedtime as they listen and imagine what you were like when you were little like them.  And you can tell them all sorts of things you did as a kid, your perspective of the world when you were their age and the kinds of things you wondered about, were curious about, dreamt about and imagined.  Partaking of wonder together makes some of the best memories.  Let’s do it more.

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