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mr. lunch borrows a canoe

Welcome to #littlelitbookseries, the adventure edition.  Mr. Lunch, a professional bird chaser, borrows a canoe and paddles his way into an adventure involving escaping from a scary bear and in doing so, inadvertently ending up halfway across the world.

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how i spent my summer vacation

Our minds are on adventure this month for #littlelitbookseries.  In How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Wallace Bluff takes a train out west to visit his Aunt Fern in her house on the plains but ends up being captured by cowboys who recruit him as a cowhand.

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mango and bambang tapir all at sea

We're setting off on an adventure in this month's #littlelitbookseries.

Mango Allsorts and her tapir pal are back in Tapir All at Sea with a new collection of stories.  There’s the time Bambang decides to take up dancing as a new hobby, when gets erroneously apprehended as a diamond thief, when he is captured and put on display “in the window of Cynthia Prickle-Posset’s museum, trapped between a selection of mummified cats and a tank of electric eels,” and the time an offer arrives for him to join an ocean liner’s dance troupe as a flamenco dancer traveling the world.  This sweet and clever series is a delight and we’re looking forward to the third installment due out on September 1, Tiny Tapir Trouble.

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seacrow island

We delve into chapter books, novels and the like for this month’s #littlelitbookseries.

Astrid Lindgren's Seacrow Island was originally published in 1964, but this edition was published this year. I bought Seacrow Island because it takes place in Sweden and we want to travel through Scandinavia eventually. And I wanted a book to read this summer that made us feel like we were somewhere else. I originally planned to read this aloud with Avery but after starting it, I realized it would probably be a better fit for when she was a little older. It’s about the four Melkerson children (Malin, Johan, Niklas and Pelle) and their writer father who move into the semi-dilapidated Carpenter’s Cottage on a tiny island in the Swedish archipelago for the summer. Their wild adventures exemplify the slow life, which is what drew me to the story as well. Savoring this one.

Recommended ages: 9-12

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Today we bring you the summer edition of #littlelitbookseriesWave is a wordless wonder about the exuberant conversation between a girl and a wave on a sunny day.  Suzy Lee's illustrations, rendered in charcoal and acrylics, are imbued with expression and life.  Her books are worth seeking out, if you haven't had a chance to experience them yet.

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