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avery's laptop

I bought some of these agendas at the Crate & Barrel outlet over the weekend and gave one to Avery and one to Nate to use as sketchbooks.  I like the modern aesthetic of them and thought that looking at all the numbers would help Avery as she is in the process of learning to identify and name them.  As Avery was drawing in her new sketchbook one night this week, she turned it around and called it her "laptop" (upper right photo).


drawing on paper towels

Another surface for Avery to draw on: paper towels.


silver pen on dark paper


drawing on white butcher paper

Avery loves drawing in the open space of a big piece of white butcher paper.


harold and the purple crayon


One afternoon, we read Harold and the Purple Crayon together, which Avery liked a lot.  Inspired by Mary Ann Kohl's blog post on enhancing literacy through process art, I glued yarn onto paper to create loops and swirls that resembled Harold's drawings.  Avery was excited to see Harold's scribbles come to life on paper and she colored in some of the loops.