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painting on aluminum foil

Aluminum foil: just another texture for Avery to paint on.  She probably noticed that the surface was more slippery and that the paint glided on aluminum foil a little more easily compared to paper.


stars and planets

I came downstairs one afternoon to find Avery and her dad working on this one: gluing glow in the dark stars and adhering dot stickers (which later looked a lot like planets to me) to black paper.  Later, Avery made some scribbles with a white crayon.  We used this picture to talk about seeing stars in the dark sky at night.


painting on a different texture

Painting on different textures is part of providing Avery with different art experiences; in this case, a net-like surface to paint on instead of the usual smooth paper.  Here she is painting on some white packing material glued onto kraft paper.  She probably noticed how the paint dripped into the grooves of the packing material and how the bristles of the paintbrush were slower to skim along its bumpy surface.  All part of learning what paint does in different environments!


tape designs

One afternoon, we did this watercolor project based on this blog post.


watercolor collage

I cut a couple of Avery's watercolor paintings (that she did a little while ago) into rectangles and squares.  She chose a colored piece of paper and glued different pieces of her painting on it, creating a collage of bits of watercolor.