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Now that the weather's heating up, we're starting to make cold foods and treats for Avery. What's a better introduction to summer than popsicles?!  They are so easy and quick and can be made of fruit puree with a little juice added for variety, yogurt and fruit puree or just fruit juice.  The sky's the limit in terms of flavors!  For Avery's first popsicles, we decided to go with strawberry puree and apple juice (3 cups of strawberries and 1/8 cup of apple juice). We'll probably add a few squirts of lemon juice next time to perk up the flavors.  We used heart-shaped ice cube molds from IKEA to make our popsicles, a steal at $1.99 each.  They are a good serving size for a baby.


IKEA sells other shapes: fish, stars and flowers.


Let's see how Avery liked her heartsicles.


A few last notes.  Here are some nifty popsicle molds on sale at Land of Nod.  Or, create popsicles in 7 minutes with the Zoku Quick Pop Maker (wow).  And an ice pop compendium for you adventurous ones out there.

Does anyone have any favorite popsicle recipes to share?


i heart ikea

We love IKEA.  Every time we go, there's something new and modern to buy.  And really, where can you get a lamp, rug, straws, picture frames, lignonberry preserves and stuffed animals all under one roof?  And an ice cream cone for a dollar, to boot!  Today they even had these summery new carry bags for sale (thank goodness because we had a lot to bring to the car).  IKEA is also surprisingly a great source for party supplies. They usually have napkins in many colors and plenty of glass containers in all shapes and sizes that can be used as parts of centerpieces.  Today we found these quaint IKEA biscuits.  I thought Avery would get a kick out of them.  What fun discovery will we make on our next IKEA trip?  Until next time! Hej do!

Avery and her IKEA spoils!  She loves inserting her hand into boxes and retrieving her own crackers these days.  The orange stuffed cat toy aka "catball" is probably Avery's favorite toy and we buy one for her every time we go to IKEA.  Whenever we go by the bin filled with these toys (Doug calls this bin "The Cattery"), Avery squeals with joy.  Avery clutched her catball throughout our trip at IKEA today and during the car ride home.




We discovered a fun way to feed Avery, using little bowls usually used for cooking prep. These particular ones are Pinch Bowls from Sur La Table.  Offered in different colors and made of BPA-free melamine, they come in a set of four.  Certain colors are on sale right now for $3.99.  A great investment for a little price! You can also use these cute bowls to serve dips, sauces and condiments at dinner time.

With a spread of food in front of her, Avery gets the opportunity to choose what she wants to eat and be creative in mixing foods or trying different combinations.  Plus it's an interesting visual way to present food since children tend to eat with their eyes!

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