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playing together

Recent photos of Avery and Nate playing and building together.  I jumped in here and there to set up some scenes . :)  Wooden rainbow by Little Sapling Toys, dog by Imagiplay and blocks by The Land of Nod, House Industries and Kid O.


rocking horse

Nate rocking away on his horse.  This is one of the things he does pretty regularly these days, when the horse is out in the living room.  Yeehaw!


the ladybug

Nate has been riding the ladybug a lot lately--both he and Avery love it!


blocks and cheerios

Most of the time, Cheerios end up in my children's mouths or on the floor.  Occasionally, they work themselves into building with blocks.  They provide finishing touches to a roof or an abundance of them can serve as an imaginary pond or moat.  And of course, they are always a welcome snack in between constructing and building.  Stack, munch, stack, munch, stack, munch.

This particular morning, Avery wanted to wear one of her Lily shirts (thanks Lately Lily, for sending them!) and later, wings.  Love how Avery has her own ideas!


numbers by orla kiely

Numbers by Orla Kiely is a companion to her board book Colors and both are a wonderful introduction to the UK designer's bold and modern style.  You can find items that match the pictures in the book to practice counting and one-to-one correspondence.  An explanation of this important skill and other activities can be found on this website.  Thanks to Land of Nod for sending us this lovely book!