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little lit book series: love and friendship edition

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing books about love and friendship for this month’s #littlelitbookseries.

Brimsby's Hats, by Andrew Prahin, is a sweet wintry tale about friendship.  Brimbsy, a hat maker, has a great best friend who moves far away one day to pursue his dream of becoming a sea captain.  Eventually feeling alone and lonely, Brimsby attempts to befriend some nearby birds who seem to be too preoccupied to strike up a new friendship.  Then, with one thoughtful and resourceful gesture, he helps them solve a major problem and makes friends for life.  I love how this story teaches children about creativity, compassion and friendship.  This is Andrew Prahin’s first children’s book.

The Smallest Girl in The Smallest Grade by Justin Roberts and Christian Robinson is such a gem.  You probably wouldn’t notice Sally McCabe since she’s the smallest girl in the smallest grade. But ever-observant, she notices you, everyone and everything.  She sees kids being pushed, teased and insulted at school.  One day, she puts her foot down and demonstrates a monumental act of kindness and courage that changes everything.  Sally teaches us that looking out for someone’s well-being is an important part of being a good friend even if it means taking a risk and putting yourself out there. That’s what today’s kids need to learn. Because how else will they leave their mark and make this a kinder society?  Maybe we should look to the Sally McCabes of the world to show us how.

Eager to see everyone else’s picks?  Search for #littlelitbookseries on Instagram.


valentine's day recap

Caramel truffles on our Valentine's Day morning.


sending valentine's mail

Last week was such a whirlwind that I didn't get a chance to post these.  We got these great little mailboxes from from the beloved Dollar Spot section at Target.  Avery and Nate spent a ton of time drawing tiny valentines to go in their mailboxes. My favorite in Avery's collection is the one that says "Par Avion."


weaving valentines

Today I'm sharing one more Valentine's idea on The Land of Nod's blog.  Head over to Honest to Nod to check it out!


sewing valentines

Since Avery's been learning how to work with yarn lately, we also sewed some valentines this year, using this tutorial on Red Bird Crafts.  I cut different solid-colored pieces of card stock (dimensions 3.5” H x 2.75” W) and punched holes in the shape of a heart in each with this Fiskars circle hand punch tool.  I wrapped some tape around the end of the yarn, to make it easier to get it through the holes in the card stock.  This video on YouTube from Wendi Gratz of Shiny Happy World is a nice introduction to the backstitch.  Learning the backstitch has been great for Avery to get some practice following a simple sequence and pattern.  Love how simple and lovely these valentines are!