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nate's valentines

Loved how Nate's valentines turned out this year!  He was so excited to make them, too.  You can see how we did them on Honest to Nod.


valentine necklaces

We're making Valentine necklaces at Honest to Nod today.  I'll be sharing more ideas for Valentine's Day in the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned!  

Thanks to The Land of Nod for providing us with garlands and the elephant friend for our Valentine-crafting session!


happy valentine's day

This is a little valentine that Avery made for her dad.  Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


hello kitty valentines

Avery's valentines for her preschool class: made with Hello Kitty die-cut scrapbook paper (purchased from Michael's awhile back), washi tape, Paper Source paper punched into hearts and lollipop sticks.  I put her supplies along with stickers in an empty Bajo box--she loved bringing out her Valentine's kit when she wanted to make valentines or craft in general.  Avery also made a Valentine's picture for Nate (in the last right-hand photo).


toddler valentines

Nate will be giving out valentines this year, similar to Avery's but with treats more popular with the toddler set: goldfish crackers.  For each plastic vending capsule, I filled a corner of a ziploc bag with goldfish, closed it off with a heart-printed twist tie and snipped off the excess bag.  I included a similar tag as Avery's valentines (link here), only with Nate's name and a different colored heart.  Hope his friends enjoy their Valentine's surprises!