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nate the photographer

Usually Nate likes to be behind my camera while I'm taking photos, looking at the LCD screen and waiting for photos to pop up.  This makes it a little hard to get good photos of him at times since he’s always exiting the scene!  Here he is figuring out how to use a camera.  We purchased this camera by Little Sapling Toys at least a couple of years ago and it’s held up pretty well.  I love buying traditional wooden toys over toys with a lot of electronic features because my kids can engage with them in more creative ways.  I like this camera because it has the important elements of an SLR: a viewfinder, spinning dial, lens that turns to “focus" and a pretend LCD screen on the back to view photos.  I need to teach him how to say "Say cheese!" next.


mixing it up

Avery and Nate fell in love with this wooden mixer right out of the box.  They were fascinated with how the beaters worked (using the knob to make the beaters turn) and they enjoyed pouring the “flour" and "brown sugar” in the mixing bowl.  We decided to make cupcakes using shredded paper, pom poms and this Animal Parade Cupcake Kit.  I wonder what these two pastry chefs will be mixing up next!  This little mixer is a great first “countertop appliance” for any play kitchen.

Thanks to The Land of Nod for sending us this mixer and cupcake kit.


playing together

Recent photos of Avery and Nate playing and building together.  I jumped in here and there to set up some scenes . :)  Wooden rainbow by Little Sapling Toys, dog by Imagiplay and blocks by The Land of Nod, House Industries and Kid O.


neutraface slab blocks

You can introduce children to thoughtful design early on with their playthings.  This set of Neutraface Slab Blocks by type foundry House Industries is made of replenishable Michigan-grown, kiln-dried basswood and is a great introduction to different typefaces and hopefully a subsequent appreciation for them!  Other amazing block sets by House Industries can be found here.


rocking horse

Nate rocking away on his horse.  This is one of the things he does pretty regularly these days, when the horse is out in the living room.  Yeehaw!