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don't let the blocks drop

This game by Janod is actually great for a wide span of ages.  It's challenging for Avery to figure out which blocks to pull out without making all the other blocks fall down.  It helps her practice strategy and planning and is super fun, too!  I like how the blocks are versatile—they are a nice addition and add variety to whichever set of building blocks you already have, and are also good for working on letter formation.

Thanks to The Land of Nod for sending us Don’t Let The Blocks Drop!


more soopsori

Soopsori's Wooden Cars and Tool Kit features wooden vehicles with interchangeable parts, a wooden screwdriver, screws and play people.  It also comes with a canvas bag for storage.  Soopsori, which means “sound of the forest,” produces traditional wooden toys with a modern spin and beautiful aesthetic.

Like other Soopsori toys, the vehicles feature excellent construction, different types of beautiful wood and simple yet thoughtful design.  The union of the different woods appears seamless in each vehicle.  I like how the kit gives Avery and Nate the opportunity to learn how a screwdriver and screws work.  The kit allows for a bit of creativity and Avery and Nate will get some practice putting together the car parts in different combinations and taking them apart once they get the hang of the screwdriver.

I originally bought this set from a great online store called My Sweet Muffin last year or so.  It is no longer available there but I recently found it offered on Amazon, if anyone is interested.

For other Soopsori toys (a car and rattle blocks) we've bought in the past, take a look at this post.


we built this city

This Gothic City Blocks set, made in Poland, comes with many blocks with which you can build a castle or small village of houses.  The blocks provide a great starting point for the imagination to wander and think about what life might have been like in the 14th century.  Time to check on that cauldron of stew...

Thanks to The Land of Nod for sending us this set.


building with tracks

Recently, Avery and Nate have been putting together tracks like this, sort of like a roller coaster.  Their dad taught them to place a piece of track upright (as seen on the left side) to achieve more height, thus producing more speed as the cars start down the track.


a game to remember

This is a great first memory game for a toddler or preschooler.  The game consists of wooden tiles with stylized pictures of animals in bold and appealing colors.  I like how the tiles are substantial and made of wood, thus easy for little hands to handle and flip over.  What's nice is that they are durable enough to pass on to someone else after Avery and Nate outgrow them!

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